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Saturday June 25, 2022 :: 6-10pm

The Painted Pixel 
5846 West 25th Avenue 
Edgewater, CO 80214

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Featured Artists:

Meander - Kristen Mickulesku, @meander.lands  

420 Gallan - Allan Tomas, @420_gallan_hat  

Kara Rosenberry, @kararosenberryco  

Zoe Stratton, @nonlocal_observer  

David Jepsen 

Live Set by Eliphosys, @eliphosys

about Eliphosys

(ill-ih-fuh-sis) she/they

Eliphosys is a multidisciplinary healing artist and storyteller.

Driven by the adventures of creation, self-discovery, and relationship, she seeks to learn more about herself and her interconnectedness with people and the world around her.

Lush synths, lilting vocal samples, and melodic beats characterize the dreamy sound. Paired with textured and saturated visuals drawing from principles of sacred geometry, her work creates an audiovisual experience that will leave you feeling enchanted and chilled out.  

Archetypal inspiration behind the name "Eliphosys" arrived in a dreamstate.

Rooted in Greek:
Eli  | defender of man
Pho | sound (phon) + light (phos)
Sys | together

Featured Works