Fantastic Voyages

:::: stories of travel and transformation ::::

Fantastic Voyages : hibernation edit : Visual Album, 2024

This is an experimental remix & audiovisual edit based on Fantastic Voyages, an album I released in June 2022. Later in 2023, the urge to remix the music came bubbling up. The original album has been slowed, re-pitched, reverbed, chopped, and further distorted into its present form here. The footage was collected by both me and Kristen between 2012-22 and I made the synthesized video graphics in 2021, all without a clear understanding of why or how I would edit everything. 

(( trust in the process )) 

I’m glad I kept going and ended up catching some really beautiful moments of being at the right place at the right time. Then, the visual edit became clear; it fell into place as I remixed the music and reviewed the footage that we gathered over the last 12 years.

This project is dedicated to Earth, to the land. I’m grateful and honored to have this experience here… I feel a serious need to protect it and the people who share it as our collective home. 

Album Promos, 2022

Dear Reader,     

     Fantastic Voyages is a collection of select mythologies, characters, and experiences told through music.     
     A practice in sonic storytelling, each track weaves a tale of travel through different realms and alchemical transformation of both inner and outer worlds. The album also serves as a journey in itself for the intentional traveler.     

     Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the trip!

With love,



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