Fantastic Voyages

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Dear Reader,     

     Fantastic Voyages is a collection of select mythologies, characters, and experiences told through music.     
     A practice in sonic storytelling, each track weaves a tale of travel through different realms and alchemical transformation of both inner and outer worlds. The album also serves as a journey in itself for the intentional traveler.     

     Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the trip!

With love,



track list 

01. where do we go (get in)  
02. Bison Beats  
03. The Battling Bard  
04. Hyacinth  
05. la playacita del silencio  
06. Siesta  
07. Snow White Rose Red  
08. Scenic Byway  
09. bison beats (reprise)

Mix and master by Alvinos Zavlis
Album cover photo by Kristen Mickulesku


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