Plant Native Species

An analog effort to heal our relationship with the Earth and engage with community on a local level. 

guerilla gardening, art installation, hand-embroidered patch, linocut printing  ::::  2022-present

block print art installations + seed distribution

Born on Mother’s Day in 2022, over 800 Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) seeds have been distributed to my home community through public art installations. 

Purple Coneflower is native to Colorado; it naturally occurs in this area and has evolved here in symbiotic relationship with pollinators. Native plants have adapted to local conditions and require little maintenance, conserve water, and restore natural habitat to the biodiverse creatures that depend on them. Echinacea prefers sun, self-seeds, and has many medicinal benefits. 

The posters are block-printed on paper from a second hand art supply store and the seed packets are folded with waste paper trimmings from a local print shop. 

The floral patch began as a sketch and was hand-embroidered on fabric from a second hand art supply store. It is attached to a vest and acts as a living art piece to help raise awareness on the topic when I wear it.


Please get in touch if you have planted seeds from me!


embroidery + block print patch, 10x19"

block printed t-shirts + 5"x4.5" patch